[ d r i n k ]


What’s one thing that I absolutely love? Astrology. What’s another think I absolutely love? Craft cocktails. What would it be like if those two things came together and made an awesome menu? That would be Trickdog Bar’s beverage selection!

Nestled in the deep Mission, off Harrison and 20th Street, Trickdog is a scene from the moment you walk up to the industrial looking door. My friend had already had a table so when I approached the doorman to walk in, he stopped me and said (in the kindest way) “I’m sorry, but we’re letting it filter out a little bit before letting others in” I showed him the text exchanges with my friend and he let me in sheepishly…but as soon as the door opened the roar of happy hour in full swing hit me in the face. As well as the delicious smells and scents of all the plates being swung around to tables upstairs. Shocked at how populated and beautiful the interior was (amazing dark wooden bar with turquoise, yellow, and green chairs, lots of counter space, and amazing bourbon, Mezcal, and tequila selections) I made my way upstairs to sit at the dining area where I ordered a fresh kale and avocado salad and my first cocktail - The Leo, naturally.

The Leo was exactly what I would imagine I would be if a witch magically turned me into a tasty beverage. Tequila, guava, a stout pour over, and crushed ice. Their drink menu has 12 drinks, all based on the traits and tones of the different zodiac signs (!!!!!!!!!!!!). Most of these cocktails are complex, with layers of flavors and rare alcohols that your tongue never really gets to experience. It’s well worth the journey and the wait to experience food and drink that’s totally cosmic.

[ l o c a l ]


Living in San Francisco has taught me how to really live life to the fullest. And the cheesiest. 

Before I moved up here (now 5 years ago!), I didn’t indulge in cheese (I KNOW, TRY TO KEEP YOUR HORRIFIED GASPS TO A MINIMAL HERE) and had no idea artisinal cheese even existed (I SAID NO SCREAMING). I would just scrape a little bit of feta on my toast and that was as cheezy as I got. Cowgirl Creamery single handedly changed that by opening up my eyes and taste buds to what it’s like to see my life flash before my eyes with one bite of Mt. Tam, one of its most popular cheeses. Seriously, I can’t go a few weeks without indulging in some Tam.

What strikes me about Cowgirl is that it seems like with each distinct flavor comes a distinct history, and that certainly has to do with the roots that Cowgirl stems from. Sue Conley and Peggy Smith decided to come out to San Francisco in the 70’s to see what the hippie buzz was but ended up finding their way into the culinary bubble that was shaping and leading California cuisine. These women were at the forefront of the from-farm-to-table movement and that has revolutionized cooking, farming, and products around the world. You notice the connection to the agriculture community in Northern California when you try their brand and it doesn’t hurt to realize just how amazing and important the concept of eating “locally grown” is.

So eat your cheese. Eat it all. And eat the good stuff!

[ s t y l e ]

today is a June gloom day in San Francisco, so I took matters into my own hands and brightened things up around here. I feel really powerful in these Zara pants, so that’s cool. I mean, powerful enough where I’ve already hair flipped a stranger and listened to Cher this morning.

pants: Zara

belt: J. Crew

shirt: Gap

jewels: H&M